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Lately I've been working with a couple of different frameworks* that include good examples of modular CSS.

*See jQuery Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap

At the same time I've been reading up on some of the best techniques for writing modular CSS. I'm using the term “modular” loosely to describe CSS that is dry, reusable, flexible, scalable, etc.

I'm simply sharing a few links and resources in one place. These seem to be very current and relevant. A few of these links are actually from the first article, but not all of them. This is in no way an exhaustive list on the subject.

What techniques have you been reading about and applying to develop solid CSS? I'd like to see what other resources are out there.

Send me a link or two @ackernaut

Articles and resources:




I think the biggest deal is the last link you provided: the W3C spec on selectors. If you decouple yourself from using IDs and classes for everything, and spend some energy with the direct descendant and sibling selectors, you can go a long way in created a more modular stylesheet

The Ackernaut

There are definitely some great and power options that do not require the use of id and class in order to define selectors. As always, the multifaceted approach seems best. :)

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